NJ Prelicensing Course

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Any person who engages in the solicitation, negotiation, or effectuation of insurance coverages and/or receives any commissions, brokerage fee, compensation, or other consideration MUST BE LICENSED in New Jersey. Learntitle intends to prepare you for your state licensing exam.

This 20-hour course is divided into 10-2 hr sessions, 1 study guide, a midterm exam, and a final exam.  Each session concludes with an exam that you must pass before advancing to the next session.  After session 5, there is a midterm exam.  After Session 10, there is a bonus study guide, and then there is a final exam.  Successful completion of the final exam will allow you to take the State exam.  You will be able to review the material before attempting the final exam, but once you begin the exam, you will not be able to view that material again until you have completed the final exam.  

Your enrollment fee includes the cost of the “New Jersey Handbook of Title Insurance.”  The course and the state exam are based on this handbook.  Each session is based on a portion of the “Handbook”  You must have a copy of the “Handbook” readily available for reference as you go through each session. 

Upon completing our course, you will be given a “Certificate of Completion,” which is used to gain admission into the State exam.

The presenter is John Cannito.  John is a seasoned title insurance professional who has been teaching the Prelicensing course for many years. 

Price breakdown is as follows:

Course $350.00
Book(USB) $150.00
Tax $    9.94
Shipping $  15.00
Total $524.94
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